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                     DAVE MOORE'S SESSIONOGRAPHY



c.1951 Tony Donegan Jazz Band

Ace In The Hole unissued LD9

Cake Walkin’ Babies (instrum.) Smith&Co SSCD1172 LD9

Yes Suh Smith&Co SSCD1123 LD9

Boll Weevil Blues unissued LD9


April 12, 1953 Hotel Gentofte, Copenhagen, Denmark (Donegan & Barber)

Hard Time Blues (KC 9) Storyville unissued CD1

Nobody's Child (KC 10) " CD1

You Don't Know My Mind (KC 11) " CD1

Midnight Special (KC 12) " CD1


July 13, 1954 Decca Studios, West Hampstead, London

Rock Island Line (DR 19299-1) Decca FJ 10647 CD1

John Henry (DR 19302-1) " CD1

John Henry (DR 19302-2) unissued

Nobody's Child (DR 19305) unissued CD1

Wabash Cannonball (DR 19306) unissued CD1


September 27, 1954 Abbey Road Studios, London

On A Christmas Day Columbia DB3850 CD1


October 1, 1954 Concert Hall, Aarhus, Denmark

Precious Lord (JJ 48) Storyville unissued

Bury My Body (JJ 53) "

Frankie And Johnny (JJ 54) "

Black Girl (JJ 63) " LD4

Rock Island Line (JJ 64) " LD4

On A Christmas Day (JJ 65) " LD4


October 9, 1954 University, Copenhagen, Denmark

Precious Lord, Lead Me On (CB 2) "

Precious Lord, Lead Me On (CB 3) Tempo A116, Storyville A45003 CD1


October 10, 1954 Odd Fellow's Palais, Copenhagen, Denmark

Over In The New Burying Ground (JJ 84) Storyville A45005 CD8

Leavin' Blues (JJ 85) " CD8

Wabash Cannonball (JJ 86) Storyville unissued

Precious Lord, Lead Me On (JJ 87) "


October 30, 1954 Royal Festival Hall, London

Bury My Body (DR 20034) Decca FJ 10695 CD8

Diggin' My Potatoes (DR 20035) " CD8


c.late October/early November, 1954 Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire

The Passing Stranger Oriole CB1329 CD1


November 9, 1954 Abbey Road Studios, London

Take My Hand, Precious Lord Columbia DB3850 CD1


December 13, 1954 "Jazz Club"(?), BBC Radio, London

Precious Lord, Lead Me On LD4


April 18, 1955 "Jazz Club", BBC Radio, London

When I Move To The Sky CD8

On A Monday CD8


May 9, 1955 "Jazz Club", BBC Radio, London

(In The Evening) When The Sun Goes Down CD8

Midnight Special CD8


May 19, 1955 IBC Studios, London ("Backstairs Session")

Midnight Special Polygon JTE107 CD1

When The Sun Goes Down " CD1

New Buryin' Ground " CD1

Worried Man Blues (DB vcl) " CD1

Harmonica Blues (CB hca) Polygon unissued CD1


January 9, 1956 "Jazz Club", BBC Radio, London

Railroad Bill CD8


January 11, 1956 IBC Studios, London ("Skiffle Session")

The Ballad Of Jesse James (DB vcl) Nixa NJE1017 CD1

Ol' Riley " CD1

Railroad Bill " CD1


January 20, 1956 IBC Studios, London

Lost John N 15036 CD1

Stewball " CD1


?? 1956 "Jazz Club"(?), BBC Radio, London (with Dickie Bishop)

Going Down The Road Feeling Bad (DB vcl) LD10

Lost John LD10


April 4, 1956 IBC Studios, London

Stackalee (DB vcl) Nixa NJE1017 CD1


August 2, 1956 IBC Studios, London (Denny Wright, gtr)

Bring A Little Water, Sylvie N 15071 CD1

Dead Or Alive " CD1


August 22, 1956 IBC Studios, London ("Lonnie Donegan Showcase")

Frankie And Johnny NPT 19012 CD2

How Long, How Long Blues " CD2

Wabash Cannonball " CD2

I'm A Ramblin' Man " CD2

I'm Alabammy Bound " , N 15080 CD2

Wreck Of The Old '97 " CD2


August 23, 1956 IBC Studios, London

Nobody's Child " CD2

I Shall Not Be Moved " CD2

Rock Island Line N 46152 CD2

Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O N 15080 CD2


January 25, 1957 Conway Hall, London ("Donegan On Stage")

On A Monday NEP 24075 CD8

Old Hannah " CD8

Muleskinner Blues " CD8

Precious Memories (DB vcl) unissued CD8

Brother Moses Smote The Water unissued CD8

Ella Speed unissued CD8

Glory (false start) unissued CD8

Black Girl unissued CD8

Glory NEP 24075 CD8


February 2, 1957 "Jazz Saturday", Royal Albert Hall, London

I'm Alabammy Bound CD8

Cumberland Gap CD8

Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O CD8

Bring A Little Water, Sylvie CD8



February 24, 1957 IBC Studios, London

Cumberland Gap N 15087 CD2

Love Is Strange " CD2


March 25/26, 1957 poss. Walton-on-Thames Film Studios, Surrey (J.Currie, gtr)

Light Fingers (soundtrack) unissued CD2

Gamblin' Man (soundtrack) unissued CD2


May 9, 1957 London Palladium, London

Gamblin' Man N 15093 CD2

Puttin' On The Style " CD2


August 28, 1957 British Legion Hall, Plymouth, Devon

My Dixie Darling N 15108 CD2

I'm Just A Rolling Stone " CD2


c.November, 1957 Pinewood Film Studios, Bucks.

Jack O' Diamonds N 15116 CD2

The Grand Coulee Dam N 15129 CD2

Hard Travellin' unissued CD2

Ham 'n' Eggs N 15116 CD2

Nobody Loves Like An Irishman N 15129 CD2

Sally Don't You Grieve N 15148 CD2


March 10, 1958 Pye Studios, London ("Lonnie")

Ain't You Glad You Got Religion NPT 19027 CD3


March 11, 1958 Pye Studios, London

Lonesome Traveller " CD3

Light From The Lighthouse " CD3

I've Got Rocks In My Bed " CD3

I've Got Rocks In My Bed (alt) unissued CD3

Long Summer Day NPT 19027 CD3


March 12, 1958 Pye Studios, London

The Sunshine Of His Love " CD3

Times Are Getting Hard Boys " CD3


March 19, 1958 Pye Studios, London

Ain't No More Cane On The Brazos " CD3

Lazy John " CD3


poss. above March 1958 sessions, Pye Studios, London

Betty, Betty, Betty N 15148 CD3

Whoa Buck N 15198 CD3

Shorty George unissued CD3

Hard Travellin' unissued CD3

Baby Don't You Know That's Love unissued CD3


c.October 1958 poss Pye Studios, London (Les Bennetts, gtr)

Lonnie's Skiffle Party - Pt.1 N 15165 CD3

Lonnie's Skiffle Party - Pt.2 " CD3

Darling Corey N 15206 CD3

Bewildered ("Relax with Lonnie") NEP 24107 CD3

It Is No Secret " NEP 24107 CD3

Hard Travellin' unissued CD3

My Lagan Love " NEP 24107 CD3

Rock O' My Soul N 15172 CD3


c.November 1958 Regal ABC Theatre, Hull

Aunt Rhody N 15181 CD3


c.November 1958 Scottish TV Studios, Glasgow

Tom Dooley N 15172 CD3


December 13, 1958 New Theatre, Oxford

Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour N 15181, P 2042107 CD4


c.March 1959 poss Pye Studios, London

Kevin Barry " NEP 24107 CD4

My Only Son Was Killed In Dublin (Dying Rebel) unissued CD4


April 1959 Pye Studios, London

Chesapeake Bay N 15223 CD4

Ace In The Hole unissued CD4


c.April 1959 poss Pye Studios, London

Fort Worth Jail N 15198 CD4


June 1959 Hippodrome, Bristol

Battle Of New Orleans ("ruddy British") N 15206 LD2

Battle Of New Orleans ("bloomin' British") N 15206 CD4


c. early September, 1959 Royal Aquarium, Great Yarmouth

Sal's Got A Sugar Lip N 15223 CD4


September 10/11, 1959 Pye Studios, London (Clyde Valley Stompers)

Just A Closer Walk With Thee NJL 23 CD4

Ice Cream NJL 23 CD4


October 22, 1959 Pye Studios, London ("Lonnie Rides Again")

Fancy Talking Tinker NPL 18043 CD4

Gloryland " CD4

The Goldrush Is Over " CD4

The House Of The Rising Sun " CD4

Miss Otis Regrets " CD4

Take This Hammer " CD4

San Miguel " , N 15237 CD4


October 23, 1959 Pye Studios, London

Jimmie Brown The Newsboy " , N 15267 CD4

John Hardy " CD4

John Hardy (alt) unissued CD4

Mr Froggy NPL 18043 CD4

You Pass Me By " CD4

Talking Guitar Blues (USA version) " CD4

Talking Guitar Blues (British version) N 15237 CD4

The Golden Vanity N 15256 CD4


c.February 1960 Gaumont Cinema, Doncaster

My Old Man's A Dustman N 15256 CD4

My Old Man's A Dustman (alt) Polydor 2042 107 LD8


c.February 1960 Pye Studios, London

I Wanna Go Home (edited) N 15267 CD5

I Wanna Go Home unissued CD5


March 5, 1960 New York City ("Yankee Doodle Donegan")

Take This Hammer Atl 2063 CD5

Corrine, Corrina NEP 24127 CD5

In All My Wildest Dreams N 15275 CD5

Beyond The Sunset Atl 2108 CD5

Nobody Understands Me NEP 24127, Atl 2063 CD5


March 10, 1960 New York City (George Barnes, gtr)

Junco Partner NEP 24127, Atl 2081 CD5

Lorelei N 15275, Atl 2081 CD5

The Wreck Of The John B Atl 2123 CD5

Sorry, But I'm Gonna Have To Pass NEP 24127, Atl 2123 CD5


c.October 1960 Pye Studios, London

Lively! N 15312 CD5

Black Cat (Crossed My Path Today) N 15312 CD5

Banana Split For My Baby unissued CD5

Leave My Woman Alone N 15330 CD5

(Bury Me) Beneath The Willow N 15330 CD5

Beyond The Sunset N 15315 CD5

When I Was Young unissued CD5

Virgin Mary N 15315 CD5


c.April 1961 Pye Studios, London

Just A-Wearying For You unissued CD5

Ramblin' Round N 15410 CD5

Have A Drink On Me N 15354, Atl 2108 CD5

Seven Daffodils N 15354 CD5

Keep On The Sunny Side unissued CD5

Tiger Rag unissued CD5


c.August 1961 Winter Gardens Pavilion Theatre, Blackpool

Michael Row The Boat (mono) N 15371 CD5

Michael Row The Boat (stereo) GH 514 CD5

Lumbered N 15371 CD5


c.December 1961 Pye Studios, London

Red Berets unissued CD5

The Comancheros N 15410 CD6


c.February 1962 Pye Studios, London

The Party's Over N 15424 CD6

Over The Rainbow N 15424 CD6

I'll Never Fall In Love Again N 15446 CD6

I'll Never Fall In Love Again (alt) unissued CD6

(It Was) A Very Good Year N 15530 CD6

I'll Never Smile Again unissued CD6

His Eye Is On The Sparrow NPL 18073 CD6

Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen " CD6

Steal Away " , N 15455 CD6


c.May 1962 Pye Studios, London ("Sing Hallelujah") (Denny Wright, gtr)

Good News, Chariot's A'Comin' NPL 18073 CD6

Born In Bethlehem " CD6

Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho " CD6

New Burying Ground " CD6

No Hiding Place " CD6

Noah Found Grace In The Eyes Of The Lord " CD6

Sing Hallelujah " CD6

This Train " , N 15579 CD6

We Shall Walk Through The Valley " CD6

Keep On The Sunny Side N 15446 CD6

Pick A Bale Of Cotton N 15455 CD6


c.November 1962 poss Brighton, Sussex (w. Max Miller)

The Market Song N 15493 CD6

Tit-Bits N 15493 CD6



early 1963 poss Pye Studios, London

Losing By A Hair N 15514 CD6

Trumpet Sounds N 15514 CD6

Rise Up N 15530 CD6

I've Gotta Girl So Fine N 15564 CD6

It's A Long Road To Travel N 15669 CD6


c.August 1963 Queen's Theatre, Blackpool

Lemon Tree N 15564 CD7


c.October 1963 Pye Studios, London

500 Miles Away From Home N 15579 CD7


May 6, 1964 Nashville, Tennessee

Cajun Joe (The Bully of the Bayou) (F639) Hick 1345 CD7

Fisherman's Luck (F640) N 15679, Hick 1267 CD7

Louisiana Man (F641) N 15893, Hick 1299 CD7


May 7, 1964 Nashville, Tennessee

Interstate Forty Hick 1274 LD10

Interstate Forty (alt) (F642) NPL 18126 CD7

Bad News (F643) Hick 1274 CD7

There's A Big Wheel (F644) N 15679, Hick 1267 CD7


May 8, 1964 Nashville, Tennessee

Diamonds Of Dew (F645) NPL 18126 CD7

Nothing To Gain (F646) Hick 1345 CD7

Lovey Told Me Goodbye (F647) Hick 1299 CD7


c.May 1964 Pye Studios, London

Beans In My Ears N 15669 CD7

Get Out Of My Life N 15803, 45184 CD7


c. early 1965 IBC or Marquee Studios, London ("The Folk Album")

Blistered NPL 18126 CD7

Bound For Zion " , N 15893 CD7

Where In This World Are We Going " , N 15993 CD7

The Doctor's Daughter " CD7

Reverend Mr Black " CD7

Farewell (Fare Thee Well) " CD7

Wedding Bells " CD7

Won't You Tell Me N 15803 CD7

My Sweet Marie N 17232 CD7


c.June 1965 IBC or Marquee Studios, London

After Taxes NPL 18126 CD7

I'm Gonna Be A Bachelor " CD7

She Was A T-Bone Talking Woman " CD7


c.November 1965 Pye Studios, London

World Cup Willie N 15993 CD7


January 14, 1966 poss London

Ding Ding unissued CD7

Leaving Blues unissued CD7


c.October 1966 poss London (Joe Brown, bjo)

Auntie Maggie's Remedy N 17232 CD7




c. 1968

Toys Cornet 5001 LD5

Relax Your Mind ",Intercord 145001 LP


c. 1969-1970 ("Lonniepops")

Little Green Apples Decca SKL 5068 LD1

Hey! Hey! " LD1

First Of May " LD1

Both Sides Now " LD1

If You Go Away " LD1

Love Song To A Princess " LD1

Who Knows Where The Time Goes " ,F12984 LD1

What The World Needs Now Is Love " LD1

My Lovely Juanita " ,F12984 LD1

Windmills Of Your Mind " LD1

Long Haired Lover From Liverpool " LD2

And You Need Me " LD2


c. 1970

Till I Can't Take It Anymore N 45009 LD5

Burning Bridges ",Intercord 145001 LP


c. 1971

Come To Australia (Great Uncle Albert Is Dead) Intercord 145001 LP

Don't Blame The Child " LP


c. 1972

Come To Australia CBS 221452 LD3

Boll Weevil Blues " LD3

Speak To The Sky N 45184 LD3


c. 1972 ("Golden Shot", ITV)

Speak To The Sky LD10


c. 1973

South N 45252 LD3

Who's Gonna Play This Old Piano " LD3

Jump Down, Turn Around (Pick A Bale of Cotton) Ariola 12604 LD5

Lost John Blues " LD5


1974 Peer Studios, Hamburg, Germany ("Lonnie Donegan Meets Leinemann")

Casey's Last Ride Philips 6305227 LP

Bottle Of Wine " LP

Dixie Darling " LP

Frankie & Johnny " LP

Tops At Loving You " LP

Gloryland " LP

Leinemann's Potatoes " LP

Me & Bobby McGhee " LP

Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour " LP

Becky Deen " LP

Jack O'Diamonds " LP


1975 Peer Southern Studio ("Lonnie Donegan Meets Leinemann - Country Roads")

Country Roads Philips 6305288 LP

Rock Island Line " LP

Keep On The Sunny Side " LP

Dixie Lily " LP

Louisiana Man " LP

Dead Or Alive " LP

Midnight Special " LP

Mule Skinner Blues " LP

Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms " LP

Lost John " LP

Have A Drink On Me " LP

Dublin O'Shea " LP


1975 Bonn, Germany (Chris Barber Great Reunion Concert)

On A Monday LD4

Bury My Body LD4

Railroad Bill LD4

Grand Coulee Dam LD4

Frankie And Johnny LD4

Dead Or Alive LD4

Lost John LD4

Take My Hand Precious Lord LD4


June 5, 1975 Fairford Hall, Croydon ("The Great Reunion Album")

On A Monday Black Lion 12140

Bury My Body "

Long Gone Lost John "

Jenny's Ball "


c. 1975 ("Battle Of New Orleans")

Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour Intercord 145 001 LP

Ballad Of Sammy's Bar " LP

Hit Me Across The Head With A Spoon Mama " LP

Beyond The Shadow " LP

Battle Of New Orleans " LP

Till I Can't Take It Anymore " LP

I Lost My Heart On The 5:42 " LP

Grand Coulee Dam " LP

Looking For A Man " LP


c. 1976

Censored Decca FR 13669 LD3

I've Lost My Little Willie " LD3


March 2, 1977 Air Recording Studios, Oxford St., London (Wrigley's Jingles)

No Smoking (1 - "light mac") LD8

No Smoking (2 - "smoking jacket") LD8

No Smoking (3 - "mind if I smoke?") LD8


1977 ("Puttin' On The Style")

Rock Island Line Chrysalis CHR 1158 LP

Have A Drink On Me " LP

Ham 'n' Eggs " LP

I Wanna Go Home " LP

Diggin' My Potatoes " LP

Nobody's Child " LP

Puttin' On The Style " LP

Frankie And Johnny " LP

Drop Down Baby " LP

Lost John " LP


1978 ("Sundown")

All Out And Down Chrysalis CHR 1205 LP

Home " LP

Streamline Train " LP

Sundown " LP

Mama's Got The Know How " LP

Morning Light " LP

Louisiana Sun " LP

The Battle Of New Orleans " LP

Cajun Stripper " LP

Dreaming My Dreams " LP


1981 ("The Shakin' Pyramids & Lonnie Donegan" EP)

Cumberland Gap VS 460 EP

Wabash Cannonball " EP

Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O " EP

Only My Pillow " EP

Grab It And Growl " EP


June 5, 1981 ("Lonnie Donegan Jubilee Concert")

Ace In The Hole Cube ICSD 2001 LP

Jenny's Ball " LP

John Henry " LP

Take This Hammer " LP

Railroad Bill " LP

Tom Dooley " LP

New Burying Ground " LP

Grand Coulee Dam " LP

New York Town " LP

Miss Otis Regrets " LP

Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour " LP

One Night Of Love " LP

Rock Island Line " LP

Gloryland " LP

Corrina Corrina " LP

Goodnight Irene " LP


1984 ("Hooked On Number Ones - 100 Non-stop Hits")

Sailing K-Tel One 1285

Michelle "

Puttin' On The Style "

Cumberland Gap "

My Old Man's A Dustman "


1987 (Monty Sunshine - "Mama Don't Allow")

Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me Pinorrekk HB-P-7012

When I Move To The Sky "

Corinna Corinna "

Mama Don't Allow "



Issued 1998 ("Muleskinner Blues") (with Van Morrison *)

Muleskinner Blues * RCA CAPO 501 CD

This album was originally called Rock Island Line Rolls On 

and was recorded in 1996. 

Please Don't Call Me In The Morning " CD

Rock Island Line " CD

When I Get Off This Feeling " CD

Fancy Talking Tinker " CD

I'm Alabammy Bound * " CD

Stewball " CD

Skiffle " CD

The Welfare Line " CD

All Together Now " CD

I Don't Wanna Lose You " CD

Poker Club " CD

Spanish Nights " CD

Always From The Heart " CD

Across The Bay unissued

You’re Already Gone "

Two tracks were omitted from the original recording.

Across The Bay

Your Already Gone 





Nov 20/21, 1998 Whitla Hall, Belfast (“The Skiffle Sessions” with Van Morrison, Chris Barber, et al)

It Takes A Worried Man Exile 8483072 CD

Lost John " CD

Goin’ Home " CD

Good Morning Blues " CD

Outskirts Of Town " CD

Don’t You Rock Me Daddio " CD

Alabamy Bound " CD

Midnight Special " CD

Dead Or Alive " CD

Frankie And Johnny " CD

Goodnight Irene " CD

Railroad Bill " CD

Muleskinner Blues " CD

The Ballad Of Jesse James " CD

I Wanna Go Home " CD



Acetates recorded at unknown sessions

I Know Where I'm Going unissued LD9 C C Rider (Going Down The Road) " LD9

Mean Black Snake " LD9

Cold, Cold Heart " LD9

She Was Big, She Was Blonde, She Was Beautiful " LD9

You'll Never Know " LD7

Try (Panto Version) " LD7


     Note: The details on the right-hand side refer to the CD in the Bear Family 8-CD set “More Than ‘Pye in the Sky’” and also to other items in my own collection.


This is a preliminary attempt at a chronological discography. If anyone has additions or corrections I’d be pleased to know of them. Thanks in advance.


Dave Moore


Last updated: 20 July 2012


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