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This is the third of my Lonnie Donegan Web Sites.  I've almost run out of room on the others, hence this site as well!

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New Additions
October 23rd 2018

1956 Jan 27th NME Article, Mar 9th NME Advert, March 16th NME Article, April 6th NME Advert, April 15th New Date Added, April 20th NME Article, April 27th NME Article, June 8th NME Advert, June 14th NME New Date Added, June 22nd NME Article, July 6th NME Article, July 13th NME Article, July 27th NME 2 Articles, Aug 17th NME Advert & picture, Aug 24th NME 2 Articles, Aug 31st NME Article, Sept 14th NME Article, Sept 22nd New Date added, Sept 28th NME Advert.

1957 Jan 25th Swansea and Taunton Papers 2 Scans

1958      Jan 3rd NME 3 articles & 2 adverts, Jan 17th 2 articles , Jan 31st NME 1 Scan, Feb 7th NME 1Scan, May 23rd NME 1 Scan

1959 Oct 18th 2 programme pages.


Thanks to Dave Bryceson for most of the additions, & also Dave Boocock for his.

May 29th 2018

Added to http://lonniedoneganscrapbook.wbs.com/tourandappearanceguide.htm with thanks to David Bryceson, Brian Goodwin and Tom Sturt for these updates.

1956 Dec 9th programme scans

1957 June 24th Show review.

1957 Last listing (Unknown Dates), dates added.

1958 September Scan of Lonnie & Corrina.

1960 Aus & NZ Tour November 16th & 19th TV appearance added.

1969 Begining of year Page from Mark Goodwin's Diary, Jan 18th Newspaper Scan

1972 Dec 6th Show advert.

Various cuttings added to ASSORTED LONNIE PICS – Cuttings 2 Last 10 pictures.  


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March 19th 2018

Added to http://lonniedoneganscrapbook.wbs.com/tourandappearanceguide.htm with thanks to David Bryceson for some of these updates.

1958 December Scans from NMEAnnual,

1959 Novenber 15th with programme scans.

1960 May 11th Golden Disc Luncheon with picture.

1962 August 22 Football Match scans of prog

1965 December 6-5 Special Annual

1967 May 27 -29 Scan of poster

1971 July 3rd Margate & scan of advert.

1981 October 10th Ticket Scan

1987 November 20th Newspaper scan

1999 June 26th Glastonbury prog scans

January 9th 2018

Added to http://lonniedoneganscrapbook.wbs.com/tourandappearanceguide.htm With thanks to David Bryceson and Mark Goodwin.

1956 April 23rd. Change of details, plus 2 scans. December 3rd end date changed. December 23rd added with NME Scan.

1958 November scan of advert for Skiffle Party

1960 March 27th Picture added.

1966 June, Poor review of Lonnie in Bermuda.

2001 August 9th Scan of ticket

2002 Sept 14th scan of flyer

July 31st 2017

Added to http://lonniedoneganscrapbook.wbs.com/tourandappearanceguide.htm With thanks to David Brycesonand The Culpper Club, Basildon.

1958 July 7th Scan of Programme. September Newspaper scan about the birth of Corrina.

1962 Panto Programme.

1965 March 21st including programme scans.

1975 January 29th, February 9th both with scans of tickets.

1979 April 9th & 10th dates changed to 7th & 8th. April 10th new gig added with scans

1989 The Yere's The Story Tour scans of programme on various dates (12)


June 27th 2017

Added to http://lonniedoneganscrapbook.wbs.com/tourandappearanceguide.htm with thanks to Dave Bryceson.

Spelling of a name changed in the "Many Thanks" at top of page.

1956 Jan 27 & 29th. March 25th & scans of programme, June 17th & scans of programme.

1957 Feb 3th programme added. May 20th scan of poster.

1958 January 12th plus scans, July Page from Photoplay

1959 January 11th plus scans

1965 April 19th & scan of poster

1970 December 17th scans of programme added.

1971 July 3rd plus advert.


APRIL 1ST 2017


Added to http://lonniedoneganscrapbook.wbs.com/tourandappearanceguide.htm

with thanks to Dave Bryson.

1959 May 22nd NME Article

1971 July 22nd and Sept 18th programme scans
MARCH 4TH 2017 

Added to http://lonniedoneganscrapbook.wbs.com/tourandappearanceguide.htm


From The BBC Archives.

1956 September 9th Details changed.

1958 July 22nd.

1965 July 17th

1993 February 5th

2008 March 4th

February 2nd 2017

Added to http://lonniedoneganscrapbook.webs.com/tourappearanceguide.htm  with thanks to David Bryceson.

1956 August 29th

1957 February 7th NME Scan, 22nd NME Scan, 25th details added, March 1st NME Scan, June 28th NME Scan , July 5th NME Scan , August 2nd NME Scan , 16th NME Scan , September 30th Programme Scans and details, October 11th NME Scan. December 26th NME cutting.

November 30th 2016 

Added to http://lonniedoneganscrapbook.webs.com/tourappearanceguide.htm

1956 March 31 + scan of advert

1957 Jan 30th Feb 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th. 10th, 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th

1956 USA May 18th NME Cutting, May 19th Scan of advert + NME Scan, May 25th NME Cutting, June dates Cancelled NME Cutting

1968 June 14 Programme Scans

1969 June 6 Programme Scans

All items with thanks to Dave Bryceson.




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