My LP Collection My LP Collection New Orleans Joys 1954 10"LP The one that started Lonnie on the road to fame. 65328684 The Best Of Chris Barber 1960 Mono original. 65462981 The World Of Chris Barber 1972 Stereo reissue of a 1960 LP, The Best Of Chris Barber 65328683 Decca Showcase A Compilation LP Fron about 1955/56 65328685 Jazz, Sacred and Secular 10" LP from 1957 65328686 Have Tartan Will Travel 1960 Clyde Valley Stompers Possibly the worlds worst album cover! 65462978 Country Style Pye Golden Guinea from 1964 65464008 Traditional Jazz at The Royal Festval Hall 10" From 1954 65462980 Barber, Bilk & Bechet 1969 on Saga label 65464009 Chris Barber & Lonnie Donegan On Boulevard from 1973 65464010 Hooked On Number Ones 100 Non Stop Hits 1984. 5 tracks from Lonnie, Putting On The Style, Cumberland Gap & Dustman are the known tracks + 2 surprises Sailing & Michelle. 65464011 Kent Walton Presents Honey Hit Parade Honey was a girls magazine back in the 60's 65464578 Chris Barber The Great Re-Union Cocert 1976 on The Black Lion label 65464579 La Grande Storie Del Rock Italian LP. Pete Best & Lonnie. Only two tracks by Lon. One is The Saly Army version of Dustman. 65464580 Bruce Forsyth's Curtains Up Guaranteed You will only play this LP once. 65464581 Both LP's called Lonnie Donegan US Dot label one from 1959, second from 1961, with two track changes. 65465666 Mama Don't Allow Monty Sunshine's Jazz Band 65465668 An Englishman Sings American Folk Songs US LP on Mercury 65465669 Lonnie Donegan King Of Skiffle A German Issue From Pye 1988 65666380 Showcase Lonnie's first LP. 1959 10" 65466670 Lonnie Donegan Showcase 12" 1968 Re-Issue on Marble Arch 65654817 Lonnie 1958, second LP release. Picture of Lonnie looking cool! 65466671 Tops With Lonnie A big kid at play. 1959, Third LP. 65466672 Lonnie Rides Again 1959 LP. Whatever happened to the Rocking Horse? 65466668 More Tops With Lonnie 1960. A more sensible album cover picture. 65467468 More Tops With Lonnie Reverse with both Lonnie's & son Peter's autographs. 65467469 Sing Hallelujah 1962 65546346 A Golden Age Of Donegan The First Hit Compilation of Lonnies. 1962 65467467 Re-Issue of A Golden Age Vol 1 1966 on Mable Arch 65546348 A Golden Age Of Donegan Vol 2 A Follow Up To Vol 1, Shame he couldn't record somethig fresh. 65546347 A Golden Age Of Donegan Vol 2 1967 Re-Issue on Marble Arch 65654816 The Lonnie Donegan Folk Album 1965 Something New this time! 65546349 The Lonnie Donegan Folk Album PRT Re-Issue 1986 65666377 My Old Man's A Dustman 1970 on Hallmark 65655273 Lonniepops, Lonnie Donegan Today 1970 on Decca, in my opinion a very underated LP 65655272 Golden Hour Of Golden Hits Vol 1 from 1971 65655436 Golden Hour Of Golden Hits Vol 2 from 1973 65655437 Lonnie Donegan Another compilation, 1973 on Hallmark 65664808 Lonnie Donegan Meets Leinemann 1974 on Phillips, hard to find LP 65664809 Lonnie Donegan Meets Leinemann Coutry Roads A good LP from Germany on Phillips 69223470 Lonnie Donegan 1976 on his own label Tyler 65664810 The Greatest His Of Lonnie Donegan On Ronco from 1976 65664811 The File Series 2 LP Set From Pye 1977 65665325 Putting On The Style 1978 on Chrysalis, one of my favourites. 65665327 Putting On The Style I have two copies, this one is autographed on the inside of the cover. 65665326 Putting On The Style Now I'm have three copies. This one is very rare, it is a test pressing of the album. 125144114 The Hits Of Lonnie Donegan On Music For Pleasure 1978, another compilation. 65665328 Sundown 1979 On Chrysalis, another of my favourites. 65666147 Jubilee Concert 1981 on Cube 2 LP Set 65666146 Jubille Concert Part 1 Re-Issue On Rio, Part 2 was promised but never happened. 65666148 Rare And Unissued Gems 1985 from Bear. 65666149 Rock Island Line 1985 On Flashbacks, compilation. 65666376 The Hit Singles Collection 1987 on PRT, 2 LP Set 65666378 Lonnie Donegan The Collction 1989 On Castle. 65666379 The Skiffle Sessions, Live In Belfast Pride of my collection, very rare LP. On Virgin issued 2000. 65465667 The Best Of Skiffle Very rare 2001 LP on The Metronome label, 2 X Lonnie tracks. Other tracks by Ken Colyer, Leinmann, Bourbon Skiffle Company & Peter's Banjo Greetings. 93642635